4 Misleading Healthy Food Labels That Are Destroying Your Health!

Food companies have discovered the goldmine of sales. Why bother trying to sell a better product when a change in branding will do?

We have all become so health centric that the moment we see our favorite product prefixed with a healthy sounding label, we’re motivated to buy it.

But are these healthy foods really healthy? Here are 4 labels which should instantly put you on your guard.

nutrition label
The Diet/Healthy label

1. The Diet/Healthy label:

If only labeling a product as ‘Diet’ made it healthier, we’d all be super fit! Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen.

Take diet colas as an example. Diet colas are as harmful as regular colas, if not more.

They contain artificial sweeteners and synthetic ingredients that can harm you in the long run.

Diet colas are nothing but a dishonest attempt by cola companies to keep their profits high while serving you almost the same product.

If you really want to drink cola, stick to regular instead of diet.

2. Low fat/calorie products:

This is such a huge scam that we’re surprised so few people know of this. Some  companies claim to offer low fat/low calorie versions of popular foods to fitness conscious customers.

In reality, the reduced fat/calorie value is so small as to be negligible. These companies just trick people into thinking they are buying healthier when they are not!

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Just by applying the low fat/low calorie label, products don’t magically become healthier.

Low fat -High nutrient labelling
Low fat

3. High nutrient products:

Just like there are low calorie products, there are high nutrient products.

These are often biscuits or foods or yogurts which have 5-10% of a nutrient while the remaining 90-95% of the product is still unhealthy.

The next time you’re buying high fiber biscuits, read the nutritional label.

If the nutrient percentage is in the single digits, then you know you’re being duped.

4. Brown bread/natural colour products:

While we are huge fans of whole wheat and multigrain bread, you have to read the label to realize how you’re being duped.

In a lot of multigrain breads, wheat makes up 90% of the ingredient, yeast is at 5% and the rest of the grains are just 5%. This is pathetically low.

In some other instances, to meet the growing demand for brown bread, artificial colouring is used.

So what can you do?

You see what’s happening? Companies are cashing in on our urge to become healthy in unethical ways. You can stop this practice by reading the labels and choosing to only buy foods that are actually more nutritious.

Read up and acquire knowledge from reputed sources. There are increasingly more resources available online about eating the right  foods.

At Possible, we will also be publishing referenced, reliable resources you can use to build healthy food eating habits.

The food we eat is the single most important factor in our lives and by learning how to eat healthy, one day at a time and one meal at a time, it IS possible to lead a healthier life.

Stay aware and stay true.

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