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Stuffed Sprouts Paratha Recipe

Sprouts paratha Recipe

  Stuffed Sprouts Paratha Recipe Parathas are a favourite among many. People love it so much that they came up with several versions like Aloo paratha, methi paratha, peas paratha, paneer paratha and so on. Slightly deviating from the traditional parathas, here we give you a slightly different version – stuffed sprouts paratha. This paratha […]

Hi-Protein Wow Roti or Parathas Recipe | Possible

HI Protein Wow Roti Recipe

Hi-Protein Wow Roti Recipe We all know how much we love parathas. And we also know that our conventional paranthas may not be very good on our health. But what if parathas could be made healthier? With the above recipe, you can have parathas and rotis that you always crave for, without hampering your body. […]

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