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Why You Should Start Cycling Today

Want to retain youth until the time you can? Start cycling! Science through various studies has proved that cycling does a world of good to your health and saves you from early ageing.

Cycling also boosts your immune system and plays a vital role in increases your lifespan by a couple of years. With the world moving towards fitness, cycling as an exercise has picked up way more than we could have ever thought.

Having learnt cycling as a kid, it feels great to see it evolve as a super effective exercise (backed by science) for a healthy you! Still not convinced?

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So Read up about 14 reasons why you should do cycling every single day.

Benefits of cycling
Benefits of cycling

1. Cycling For A Deeper Sleep

Early morning cycling will definitely tire you out at that time but the positive part of this is that you will sleep like a baby once you hit the bed [1].

Not only cycling, any kind of exercise you choose to take up helps you take a nice deep slumber and rejuvenate yourself.

2. Cycling Keeps Your Youthfulness Intact

Science says cycling regularly helps protect your skin from harmful effects of UV rays thus reducing the signs of aging and adding lifespan to your skin.

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Taking up cycling as an exercise boosts the production of collagen which helps reduce wrinkles even as the age progresses [2].

3. Cycle For Smooth Bowel Functions

Cycling does not only affect your outer self but extends way deeper into your core. Science says that cycling affects the bowel functions making them much smoother than before.

Taking up cycling and other exercises makes your stools softer and easier to pass [3]. Regulated bowel movements mean prevention from bowel cancer!

4. Cycling Serves As Brain Fuel

Like the skin, cycling and other aerobic exercises such as walking have been found to reverses mental aging [4].

Cycling boosts oxygen flow to the brain, which helps to regenerate the brain cells keeping mental ailments like depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s at bay.

5. Cycling Everyday Keeps The Doctor Away!

Gone are the days when just an apple would make you fit enough to keep the doctor at bay. You HAVE to supplement a healthy diet with some form of exercise and cycling comes across as one of the best bets [5].

Cycling activates the immunity cells, which then act to prevent illnesses and infections. To improve your immunity further, start having this Immune Boosting Tea after a rejuvenating cycling session.

6. Cycling Increases Your Lifespan

It has been proven by science that those who do cycling and other forms of exercises, tend to live more and healthier than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle [6].

People who do cycling are at a significantly lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity.

7. Saving The Planet Through Cycling

The fact that cycles take much lesser amount of space, maintenance and energy than as compared to motor vehicles proves that cycles are much more environment friendly than motorized vehicles.

The biggest pro of cycling over driving is that by cycling, you are helping a lending hand to protecting the environment.

8. Cycling Adds Zing To Your Sex Life

By regular cycling and exercising, you can improve your heart health which has a major effect on boosting your sex drive [7]. Even women can delay their menopause if they have been cycling regularly.

9. Cycling Can Make You Boss’s Blue Eyed Resource

Cycling and exercise in general act as a stress-buster and help you concentrate much better at your tasks. Cycling every day will also boost your motivation which will be apparent in whatever you do…even at office!

So yes, there is a direct link between cycling and professional success. Employees who exercise regularly are more likely to finish their work within the stipulated time and work without taking frequent breaks.

10. C For Cycling Keeps You Away From C For Cancer!

There is enough evidence by science that shows that exercise keeps you away from cancer. There is also evidence that cycling is particularly good for ensuring proper working of cells inside your body [8].

It has also been proved by science that men who exercised at least 30 minutes daily were half as likely to develop cancer than those who did not exercise at all.

Also, women who do cycling frequently reduced their risk of developing breast cancer by 34% [9].

11. Cycling Everyday Takes Your Weight Away

Yes taking up walking or jogging as an exercise makes all the sense until you realize that your size has gone a bit too out of hands.

When you grow more than you would like to, walking and jogging do not remain an easy option for you. Thus, set out on your cycle so that your joints do not have to take the unnecessary battering.

12. Family That Bikes Together Stays Together

Cycling is an activity you can involve your entire family into. Ranging from kids to the elderly, everyone can take up cycling together given the fact that cycling is kind on your joints.

It is a proven fact that kids imbibe their parents’ exercise habits and if they see you cycling regularly, they will take it up as fish takes to water.

So even if their teenage flash their fancy cars, your kids will ride their bicycles with pride and confidence. And who doesn’t love some humility?

13. Get High On Life!

People who exercise say that they get a high while they working out. Science says that there is a direct connection between feeling of well being and exercise.

They also feel the adrenaline rush filling them up, which is extremely important in today’s otherwise mundane life where responsibilities, liabilities and priorities take over you.

14. You Can Make friends While Cycling

With the increasing awareness about benefits of cycling, many cycling groups have sprung up and for all you know, there may be one right next door… you just have to find it out!

Cycling gives you an opportunity to meet new people and make friends. It opens up a world of opportunities – both personal and professional.

So what are you waiting for? Put on those cycling gears and set out. The world is yours!

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