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Soft drinks side effects

Are you addicted to soft drinks? If yes, then you must read out this article to find out how it impacts your health.

First of all, soft drinks are filled sugar and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Once you read this article, you’ll have a much better insight into the health effects of soft drinks.

Should you avoid soft drinks?

Yes! Wherever you can. Avoid them in parties and social gatherings. You don’t need to pick up a glass whenever you’re socializing.

And yes, make sure you avoid colas and other soft drinks in the so-called lunch combo meals. The combos are nothing but mere incentives to sell unhealthy foods in a package.

Soft drinks are really high in sugar, hence, they’re high on calories too. So maintain your distance!

Soft drinks side effects

Health complications

Soft drinks can cause diabetes and increase your sugar cravings. They can cause loss of calcium from your bones and let’s not forget about its effects on your weight.

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These drinks increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. Here are some shocking facts and health hazards of soft drinks.

Weight Gain

The soft drinks that you relish whenever you find time can make you fat and look out of shape.

Soft drinks contain an exceptionally high percentage of sugar that is enough to make you obese. You must be
aware of the various health issues caused due to obesity.

Weak Bones

The phosphoric acid added in soft drinks make it acidic and takes away the calcium from your bones.

The caffeine added in soft drinks also prevents the absorption of calcium by the bones which further weakens the bones. Now, the choice is yours–weak bones or a bottle of soft drink.

Harmful effects of soft drinks
Soft drinks calories

Depression And Anxiety

Soft drinks can cause mood swings, depression, and irritability in the long run. The chemical aspartame added in soft drinks changes the chemical composition of the brain, causing mood swings.


People who are already obese and have a family history of diabetes must avoid these sugar-laden soft drinks at any cost. However, if you really crave for them, have them once or twice in a month as cheat days.

Increases The Risk Of Cancer

Many harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde added in soft drinks can damage your body cells.

The build-up of these toxic chemicals in the body over a long period of time (especially if you drink frequently) might lead to cancer as well.

Slow Kidney Functioning

Soft drinks will interfere with the functioning of the kidneys. There will be a buildup of harmful substances in your kidneys. This increases the chances of kidney related problems.

Kidney function in diabetics
Getting addicted to sugary foods

You Will Crave For Sugary Foods

After a bottle of soft drink, your mind will crave for more and more of sugary foods.

If you will listen to your cravings, then you will end up with a high blood sugar level and your risk of diabetes will increase.

Eliminate soft drinks from your life if you can’t limit them. Habitual drinking of soft drinks can slowly deteriorate your health apart from weight gain.

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