Weight Loss can Help you Conceive a Bonny Baby!

Weight Loss helps pregnancy

So are you both preparing for a baby? Apart from all the mental and economic preparedness, there is one more important preparation that needs to be done!  

You have to ensure that your body is ready to house a new life! And the first step in doing so is ensuring weight loss

Unbeknownst to many, weight loss is the first crucial step in planning for a baby! 

Weight loss
Is your body ready to house a baby?

You have to be in the best possible shape for a healthy pregnancy!

Really? But wouldn’t you get overweight and out of shape during pregnancy anyway? Exactly the reason why you should conceive weighing normal.

Going into the pregnancy already overweight would mean subjecting yourself and your baby to a lifetime of harm. Doctors generally advise overweight or obese women to undergo weight loss whilst in the planning stages.

Being overweight/ obese has its downsides!

Numerous research links being overweight and/or obesity to a host of pregnancy complications such as stillbirth, miscarriage, birth defects such as spina bifida.

That’s the complication for the baby, but you could develop complications such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes (high blood sugars during pregnancy). So the key for a healthy pregnancy is weight loss to achieve your ideal weight. 

Recording high numbers on the weighing scale could make conceiving difficult too!

Did you know, a hormonal condition, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) causes weight gain and also makes it difficult to conceive? The complex hormonal interplay is responsible for the ovaries (where the embryo is conceived) to develop cysts making conception is difficult. Doctors generally advise watching the weight and diet for conception. Read more about what happens in PCOS here.

Being overweight has done no one any good. Studies have found that overweight mothers are already tailoring their unborn child to struggle with obesity and childhood diabetes.

FOR LIFE! All the more reason to be in the best of the shape before getting pregnant.

How much is too much and how much weight should I lose?

Weight loss for Healthy pregnancy
Healthy pregnancy

Experts say any weight loss before getting pregnant is good! Getting in touch with a nutritionist is the best solution as it helps to put a number on the weight loss.

Doctors suggest that if you are already overweight and pregnant, then you should limit the weight gain.

If you are overweight and pregnant, aim to gain only 12 kilos of pregnancy weight.

If you are obese and pregnant, aim to gain only 10 kilos of pregnancy weight.

Do consult a nutritionist and a doctor to tailor make a pregnancy weight gain plan for you!

Tell us a quick weight loss solution!

Quick weight loss
Work it out!

Did you directly skip to this segment, eager to know the cheat codes for a quick weight loss?  Well, we can give you 2 weight-loss tips; diet and exercise.

Don’t be disappointed, this way to lose weight means the weight stays off forever. Including superfoods, forgotten millets, whole grain cereals, ample water are some sure fire way to weight loss without any trouble!

Light activity such as brisk walking for an hour a day (broken down to 30-minute stretches) could do a world of benefit in losing those extra pounds and conceiving that bundle of joy!

These 13 awesome walk-exercises can help you in your weight loss journey! 

Take home message

Eat healthily, do physical activity, opt for a healthy and long-lasting weight loss and always be happy: These are the 4 mantras to conceive your own bonny little baby!

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