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About Our Coaches

Your health is our priority. That’s why we strive to leave no room for compromises. Our team of Certified Reviewers at Possible are highly qualified individuals in the field of nutrition, fitness, and yoga. This team is committed to continually reviewing and updating our content to ensure that the information you receive is at par with the current health and wellness industry standards. As this industry is prone to frequent changes with new information coming in every day, we aim to provide the best and most accurate information to make your health journey easier.

Meet Our Coaches

Neha Sathe
Neha Sathe
Senior Nutrition Coach – Quality

Meet Neha Sathe. A Postgraduate in Nutrition and Dietetics she has been working as a nutritionist for the past 4 years. Diet and nutrition are two areas of passion for her, and she has a strong background in the same. With her knowledge and expertise in food and nutrition, she helps people eat what’s right for them. In addition to it, she is a Registered Dietician (RD) and has donated her time to work with several NGOs. When not working, she likes to paint, experiment with new recipes, and travel.

T.Mary Celin
Senior Expert Nutrition Coach – Quality

Meet T.Mary Celin. A Postgraduate in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, and multiple times winner of the best faculty for clinical nutrition, T.Mary Celin has the right knowledge about food and nutrition to provide you with the best guidance available out there. With an additional Diploma in Human Health Psychology Counselling, she is also adept at identifying and diagnosing people’s daily problems. With 10+ years of experience in teaching, research, clinical sector, she has successfully trained 60+ batches of students and has been delivering health counselling sessions to IT professionals for 4 years.

Priyanka Gupta
Nutrition Coach

Meet Priyanka Gupta. A Postgraduate in Dietetics and Food Service Management, she has 3 years of practical experience in quality control management in the food industry and had interned as a Dietician in Lok Nayak Hospital, Delhi. Her passion lies in helping people get healthy with the right food and nutrition.