What will you get

food products (2)





You will get a superfood kit based on your selected plan viz as follows:

  • WHI Plan – Rs 2500 worth Superfood kit/month.
  • WHI+ Plan – Rs 5000 worth Superfood kit/month.
  • WDR Plan – Rs 3000 worth Superfood kit/month
  • WDR+ Plan – Rs 6200 worth Superfood kit/month
  • Gold Plan – Rs 6200 worth Superfood kit/month.
  • VIP Plan – Rs 6200 worth Superfood kit/month.
  • Note: In case you have got some free months (e.g. 1 month extra with 5 months program or 2 months extra with 10 months program),
    your additional free month includes dietician support, app usage, nutriclub and it does not include Super Food kit.

Personal coach (1)





You will get a coach (a certified nutritionist) who will give you personalized meal plans every 15 days.

  • Availability: Your coach will be in office for 7-8 hours in a day depending on her shift for typically 6 days in a week (apart from national/public holidays and sick leaves). In case they are on leave for more than 3 days, some other coach will take care of you. In general, they are available between 11 AM to 6 PM.
  • Frequency: You are entitled to 2-3 counsellings every month with your coach depending on your Plan. You can use the app to book an appointment with your coach.
  • Chat: You can reach them via the chat option on the app. The coach might take upto 12-24 hours to respond to your chat. They will remain in touch through the client chat regularly.
  • First call: You will get the first call from your Nutrition Coach before you finish your 4th day of Induction Phase. You can start your detox only after you have watched 5 Induction phase videos. Your coach will guide you on how to proceed.
  • Change of coach: Your coach might change at any point during the program, but that would not affect your service quality. You will be serviced by a team including a primary coach, buddy coach, senior coach and a doctor.


Mobile App (1)





You will have access to our mobile app, which will play a huge role in your weight loss journey. It is mandatory to use the app as this is the primary medium of connection between you and your coach.






  • To orient you both physically and mentally, you will get access to custom designed video lessons on nutrition. These videos are curated by our company founders and head nutritionists.
  • You will get 10 videos in the starting 15 days and then 1 video every week.
  • You will also be guided at the beginning of every different phase through a specific phase video.


food products (2)





  • People who lose weight in a group lose 2x times more. Weekly Nutri club meetings are online group calls, wherein you learn and interact with others who are in the same journey.







1. Will the Truweight food products take care of my monthly ration? Do I need to buy any additional food/grains?

The Truweight products are an effective replacement to unhealthy snacks and a healthier version of many of your breakfast items. However, you would still need to buy your groceries like you would always do. We do not give healthy foods that are readily available in the market e.g. fruits, dry fruits, dal, vegetable, brown rice, buttermilk, sprouts, etc. We provide products which are generally not available and are based on our formulations e.g. TruGreen, TruFiber, Gluten Free Atta, millet idli, non-fried snacks. You will be required to have your regular meals with some alterations along with our superfoods.

2. Are your Super Foods ready to eat?

Almost 90% of our products are ready to eat or can be microwaved easily (upma, foxtail millet). But some of the products (around 5 products – like red rice poha, quinoa dal dosa and gluten free atta) require cooking. In case you are not comfortable with these products, it can always be changed with other products. As long as you have access to healthy regular cooked meals, it is possible to follow the program. But in case you have to eat outside food for almost all your meals and availability of healthy foods is not there, it will be very difficult to follow the program.