MD Younus Saleem – Lost 9 Kg in 3 Months!

MD Younus Saleem Success Story

Before joining Possible, my weight was 104 kg. I used to take tablets to lose weight, but I only lost 1 kg with them. But ever since I joined Possible, I have been following the diet plans very well. I had a habit of drinking tea with milk in the morning and many times (3) […]

Shashikala Dalvi – Lost 7 Kg in 5 Months!

Shashikala Dalvi Success Story

Before joining Possible, I used to feel lethargic all the time, and I was having knee pain. Once I started the journey, everything improved. I was feeling energetic and could do all my chores without facing any problems. I was feeling good. And when I started to lose weight, I was even more motivated to […]

Yashomati Godambe – Lost 5.5 in 30 Days!

Yashomati Godambe Success Story

I started the Possible program and lost almost 6kgs in 30 days. Earlier I used to eat less food to reduce weight, but with Possible I am able to lose by eating more. My coach and my doctor guide me when I have any confusion. I wanted to lose 15 kg more but was unable […]

Piyali Sikdar – Lost 5.4 Kg in 39 Days!

Piyali Sikdar Success Story

Before joining Possible, I used to eat too much oily food. I used to like fast food. I am Bengali, so I also used to eat sweets a lot. My health has also deteriorated a lot since covid. I had problems like diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol, so I thought of losing weight. After joining […]

Thripuramallu Sai Saketh – Lost 10 Kg in 81 Days!

Thripuramallu Sai Saketh Success Story

Before joining Possible, I used to eat a lot of fast food and often eat outside. Because I was eating junk food, I gained weight and was unhealthy. After joining Possible and following their diet and other lifestyle instructions, my health has improved a lot. The coaches and dieticians were really supportive and motivated me […]

Anshu Herenz – Lost 11 Kg in 4 Months!

Anshu Herenz Success Story

Before joining Possible, when I used to go for a walk, I used to get tired very quickly. My strength had reduced a lot. My job is in the police, so I have to face a lot of tension. And I will be able to bear the tension only when I have strength. And I […]

Amit Paul – Lost 7 Kgs in 3 Months!

Amit Paul Success Story

Before joining Possible, my weight was 78 kg. I got to know of Possible on Facebook and took their 7 Days weight loss challenge. In 7 Days I lost 1.5 Kg, which gave me the confidence of losing more weight. Thereafter, I took the 1-month weight loss plan and followed it properly. Within a month […]

Edukulla Gayatri – Lost 9 Kg in 6 Months!

Edukulla Gayatri Success Story

Before Possible, I had borderline thyroid and so many other medical conditions. I was aware that dieting doesn’t mean starving myself, It means eating the right food. I wanted to do it on my own but I was clueless. Since I didn’t have expert guidance, I lacked direction on how to do it. I needed […]

Bhoomika Makwana – Lost 5.5 Kg in 70 Days!

Bhoomi Makwana Success Story

Before joining Possible, I tried many things to lose weight but could not stick to any program due to my job schedule. My problem was migraine, I used to take a 500mg tablet twice a day. I could not exercise for more than 15 minutes a day. Also, I had a sitting job, so I […]

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