6 Healthy Street Food Across India

Healthy Indian street food

We all enjoy Indian street foods; It’s tough to resist these mouthwatering temptations across the country.

The good thing about Indian street food is the variety you can choose from, some of them that are actually healthy!

Indian Chaat is the savory street-side fast food that has been making Indians lick their fingers clean for centuries.

The aromatic fruit chaat, Aloo chaat, or various other chaat recipes, sprinkled with that spicy masala, can’t be missed.

Healthy Indian street food
Ragda-Puri-Healthy Indian street food

However, if you are a health freak with a craving for Indian chaat items, then you have to be thoughtful.

On the streets, the golden rule is to eat what’s freshly cooked right in front of you. So let’s look at some yummy healthy street foods you can enjoy.

1. Sweet Potato Chaat/Sweet Aloo Chaat/Shakarkandi: 

In winters, every street corner in North India will have a stall of this delicious Indian chaat. Shakarkandi/Sweet Potato is loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, manganese, fiber, B vitamins, potassium and iron.

Shakarkandi is actually a good weight-loss food too, with 112 calories in each sweet potato and zero fat.

It is a good replacement for the famous Aloo chaat that is deep fried. So enjoy this Delhi’s famous street food that is sweet and sour and so full of nutrients.

2. Corn on the Cob/Bhutta: 

The Indian bhutta is a great Indian street food that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

This healthy snack is low in calories, low on fat, and is full of carotenoids(lutein and zeaxanthin). It’s great for the digestive tract and a very rich source of antioxidants such as Beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and ferulic acid.

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Phytonutrients found in it decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases; so enjoy the traditional style bhutta or steamed corn at the movies or on the road, and reap the healthful benefits. Street foods in India vary in the way they are served.

In most part of India, corn cobs are consumed, but In south India it is usually relished with coriander and green chili paste giving it the flavor of a tasty Indian chaat. 

Healthy Indian street food
Ragi Dosa

3. Dosa/Idli:

The crisp dosas and steaming idli are like rescue foods for people on the go.

This savory South Indian street food is a great source of protein for vegetarians, as it is made of rice batter and urad dal that boasts of a complete amino acid profile. 

Dosa is quite light so does not add too many calories. You can opt for the crisp plain paper dosa, or add paneer, spinach, carrot, or tofu filling to make it more nutritious.

4. Dahi Vada:

It is a popular North Indian chaat that is served cold. This cool, filling, and enticing street food can be a great way to beat the blistering summer heat.

The vadas are made of urad dal, soaked in fresh curds, sprinkled with chaat masala and chilli powder and sweetened with tamarind juice.

Contrary to popular belief, not all street food recipes are fattening. Take the vada for example; some are shallow fried, and some even steamed.

So, ask about the prep methods, and once you find a stall that serves them steamed, hold on to them for dear life.

5. Dhokla:

Yet another, mouth-watering Gujarati food of India  that is made of gram flour and subsequently steamed. It is low in glycemic index, making it good for patients with diabetes.

Further, the fermentation of dal enhances its nutritive value. You can enjoy this exceptionally healthy treat any time of the day.

6. Kebabs & Tikkas:

Street foods of India offer varieties in terms of taste, talking of which non-veg delicacies can’t be ignored.

Bun-Kabab is one of the most favorite Delhi famous food and also in Kolkata.

These are a treat for the non-vegetarians, though the vegetarians can choose from a selection of yummy mouthwatering paneer, mushroom or soya tikkas.

These low-calorie chicken and fish tikkas can be enjoyed as a snack/chaat or a meal, ensure that food colorings are not used as they could lead to  hyperactivity, asthma and even cancer.

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