Arun Kumar – Lost 10 Kgs in 3 Months

Arun Kumar Success Story

Ever since I joined the Possible program, I’ve been dedicated to my health goals. My health score is 100 and I’ve been losing 100g on average every day. If I ever need to deviate from my diet plan, I ask my coach for permission.

I had no prior medical conditions that I was aware of. But when I conducted the full body package, I found out my TSH levels were higher than normal. My cholesterol levels were also up. I also discovered some vitamin deficiencies.

Now, my health has improved now. I have lost 10kg in 3 months. My goal is to lose 18 kg more. I’ll hit 3 months soon. So, I’m planning on taking the lab tests again to improvements in my parameters.

My coach, Mithila, has been helping me. She has a very positive approach. I follow her advice as strictly as possible. Also, walk or jog every day. I also do yoga. I’m glad that I have been able to develop so many healthy habits. Previously, I used to have breakfast in bed and again snooze for a while.

But now I have my meals on time and go for post-meal walks. Now, I know what I was doing wrong. I sleep by 9.30 pm and wake up by 4.30 am every day. So, these are the changes that happened to me. And I’m very happy about them.

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