Biswanandan Pattanayak – Lost 10 Kgs in 3.5 Months

Biswanandan Pattanayak Success Story

When I started the program, I weighed around 83 kg. As my job requires me to remain seated for 9 hrs straight, I also have back pain issues and high-stress levels which impacted my sleep.

Initially, I was in doubt about whether the program would work or not. But as I started, I realised it was working. As I am proceeding further with the program, my health issues are reducing.

I’ve lost 10 kg in 3.5 months. I’ve also lost some inches. My clothes have gotten loose. My back pain also improved. I feel so much more energetic. Both my personal and professional life have benefitted from it.

My coach has supported me through this. I reach out to her whenever I have any doubts and she helps me out. My Possible journey has been amazing!

Tips that I want to share with you all:

  1. Gym should not be the first option. Change your lifestyle.
  2. Avoid sugar and eat healthily.
  3. Add some exercise to your lifestyle.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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