Jaishree Saini – Lost 10 Kgs in 5 Months

Jaishree Saini Success Story

The weight gain problem started after my pregnancy; I gained around 30 kgs during that time. This was my 1st pregnancy, and I had covid, and knee pain as well. I started to feel anxious and depressed as I have never gained so much weight in my life. This made me join Possible, I started to see results within a month after joining Possible I had a baby, so I was not able to give my 100%. I could not do exercise because it was 6 months after my delivery. Everyone used to demotivate me. I didn’t listen to anyone because I wanted to come out of this helpless condition. After joining this program, not only weight-wise but also health-wise, there has been a lot of improvement.

After gaining weight, nothing felt right for me. I was not able to focus on my baby and my work. I wasn’t enjoying anything. Earlier, I was not able to run even 500 meters but now I am able to walk 6-7 km and I am also able to participate in games. And my confidence has also come back. My size has been reduced to XL from 3XL. I don’t have knee pain or back pain now. Now I am able to take care of my baby as well as work. I was a little skeptical before joining whether I will be able to do it or not. But my coaches Deepthi and Niketa and my husband supported me. I was motivated and was able to do it.

No one talks about mental health when you gain weight. That was the most important thing for me to improve. I see many women lose confidence after having a baby, but it should not be like this. How will I take care of the baby if I am not well myself? No one can lose weight on my behalf. That’s why I want to set an example for others. If I can do it, you can too. If you don’t do it now, later you will get diseases because of being overweight.


  1. Be selfish for yourself and focus on yourself
  2. Trust on program and be consistent.
  3. Never give up

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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