Kapil Chauradiya – Lost 14 Kgs in 8 Months

Kapil Chauradiya Success Story

Possible has been an amazing chapter of my life so far!

Hi, I am Kapil, 38 years old and a teacher by profession. As my job demands, my day starts early in the morning and has long-standing hours. There were days when I did not even get time to have breakfast, nor did I take a lot of mid-morning snacks.

Although I was always on the higher side of my weight, now I started to gain more weight and with time I developed severe back pains. During winters, the pain used to become unbearable.

I tried going to the gym, and for walks but could not continue it for long. One day as I was browsing online, I came across an interesting video of Mrs. Megha More from Possible, and she explained that weight loss is a lot more than just exercising or dieting. That sounded fascinating, and I went to check the details of the program, booked my consultation, and started the plan with full Josh

It surprised me how eating more could also help me lose weight. My friends were dieting, but I was just eating and eating. Not just that, I learnt many recipes and added so much more variety to our regular meals, which was amazing.

In 7–8 months, I could lose 14 kg and get rid of my back pains even in winter.

Possible has not just helped me change my life but also the people around me. I now educate my students, family, and friends on healthy and mindful eating.

I would like to thank my coach Anshu mam for her constant motivation and guidance. I would also like to thank Megha mam and Vishnu sir for their amazing thoughts on health through their videos.

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