Mamta Lost 13 Kgs & Learn about Nutrition & Healthy Eating

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Childbirth is a joy that defines every woman’s life and it was the same for Mamta Agarwal. The doting mother of three was living a happy life with her family, content with all that she had.

But as the years passed by, a nagging worry began to trouble her. The weight she had gained post pregnancy had still not disappeared and it seemed like she was putting on more and more weight!

Besides the weight gain, she suffered from acidity, migraine and other issues which meant she popped several pills every day.

Her stamina was at an all time low and she knew that if she didn’t get on a corrective course of action, her life would only get tougher!

What did she gain

Mamta lost 13 kgs during her time in Possible. When we first met her she had a full quota of medicines to have with her 3 meals and by the time she got done with the program, she was totally off these medicines! Her energy levels went up and along with it so did her confidence.

Along the way, Mamta says that she has learnt a lot about nutrition and her outlook towards food has completely changed.

How she lost weight

Like so many people, Mamta thought that to lose weight, she had to eat lesser. The first thing we did was to remove this thought from her mind.

Eating less tricks your body into slowing down your metabolism causing you to gain weight instead of losing it. Once she was comfortable with this idea we had he start eating more!

Being a busy entrepreneur, she said that it would be difficult for her to make time to eat healthy so we gave her a delicious meal plan full of ready to eat healthy foods, supplemented by fat burning foods. We made it as easy for her to lose weight as possible, and she did!

How easy was Possible? **

Possible fit into Mamta’s lifestyle, instead of trying to fit Mamta into Possible.

We upped her quota of superfoods and the results were there for everyone to see. She says, “The great thing about the program is how easy it is to follow. I also love the superfoods which has no chemicals or preservatives.”

“I have a lot more energy and I love the way I feel. I have also regained the confidence that I had lost. All thanks to Identity!”

Mamta’s Top 3 Tips for weight loss:

  • 1. Diet and exercise go hand in hand.
  • 2. Set a goal for yourself and things becomes easy.
  • 3. Take professional help for exercise and diet.

**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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