Onkar Singh – Lost 15Kgs in 5 Months!

Onkar Singh Success Story

I have been gradually putting on weight for 10-12 years, but around 3 years ago, I was diagnosed as diabetic. I tried to stop sugar or sweets in my food and also kept a close check on my lab reports every 6 months.

Even after all the precautions, my blood sugar levels showed up higher than usual. I got more conscious when my father had to undergo bypass surgery, so I decided to work on my health more seriously now.

I started checking on different weight loss programs but I was not sure which one to trust. Then I came across the 7-day plan with Possible at a small amount of Rs 200. So, I thought of giving it a try. Usually, I take a long time to decide on what to purchase, be it health insurance or any product. When I started with the 7 days challenge I saw multiple positive reviews of other participants which motivated me and within 3 days of the challenge, I decided to take up the long-term plan.

One of the best parts about this plan is even though I was on diet I did not feel that I am starving. I am from an agricultural background and have a lot of physical activity to do but I did not feel tired anytime during this plan.

Apart from this, my lab reports are also improving. My blood sugar levels have reduced especially my fasting sugar levels. I have maintained my sugar levels below 100 ever since I joined Possible.

Initially, it took me some time to understand the plans and how it works, but my coach Ms. Spandana has guided me very well and I have learned to choose healthy options. I do have cheat meals occasionally but it does not affect my health negatively now as I have learned to manage it well.

Moreover, my fellow members of the community have been very inspiring.

It’s been 5 months now and I have been able to lose 15 kgs with the major contribution through diet and minimum exercise daily.
Usually, people feel that we will gain back weight once we complete the plan but Possible has taught me how to sustain the weight loss achieved. I feel, now I can also reverse my diabetes soon and change the thought process of other people around me who are scared to make a decision.

Overall I am very happy and confident and all thanks to the Founders and team POSSIBLE.

Tips for others:

  1. Maintain a diet by following a healthy lifestyle if you want to lose weight or not.
  2. Create small positive changes which become your habit so that you can follow it forever.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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