Pankaj Khatri – Lost 16 Kg in 7 Months & Managed Thyroid

Pankaj Khatri Success Story

I was overweight. I was afraid to take pictures because I didn’t look pretty. I was also struggling with some physical problems like leg pain, acidity, and difficulty in sleeping. I tried another weight loss program and medicines before Possible. But as soon as I left the program, I gained back more weight than I had lost. Almost double!

I wasted a lot of my hard earned money. I was stressed and very disappointed to enrolled in the Possible due to my last bad experiences.

I wanted to become healthy for the sake of my family. I have a lot of responsibilities. And if I am not healthy, I can’t take care of them. That is why I joined Possible.

I like Possible because here the health coach guides you throughout the length of the program. I get to eat healthy foods every day. I don’t have to eat less. In fact, I get to eat more! I can have everything i like as cheat meals and then detox my body. Their superfoods like protein-rich upma, millet idli, and quinoa dosa, all are nice.
Believe me my friends, I was so desperate that I agreed in this life weight loss is impossible and will take birth again with 3 kg. But- but Possible made the impossible possible and it can happen only in Possible.

With Possible, I lost 15.9 kg in 7 months and managed Thyroid! I have also managed my uric acid levels. I feel a lot healthier. After seeing such wonderful results, I got my wife enrolled as well.

All credit goes to my coach Mithila mam, senior dietician Nirmal Pandey mam, Dr Rujuta and The entire Possible team and my wife also because without her that was never possible for me, She made delicious super food for me with new Tadka tricks.
Thank you – thank you very much all of you again for giving me a new enjoybale healthy life.

3 Tips:

1. Follow the coach.
2 .Make a habit for walking after dinner.
3.Enjoy food everything you like, just control the portions of food.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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