Rajeev Sharma – Lost 12 Kgs in 70 Days, Managed Thyroid, Hypertension & Cervical Pain

Rajeev Sharma Success Story

Before joining the Possible Program, I had a number of health issues like weakness, back pain, cervical pain, hypertension, and thyroid. I tried several other weight loss programs but nothing worked for me.

After following the program, all my pains and aches have gone away. My blood pressure has improved and so my medicine doses have been reduced by 50%. Even my thyroid medicine doses had to be reduced. I believe I can reduce it even further. It has only been 2 months with Possible. Already I’m seeing such good results.
I’ve also been able to lose a lot of weight. From 104 kg it has come down to 92 kg. My bulging belly has now reduced. I feel way more energetic. Previously, I used to get tired very quickly and couldn’t work for long. But now this thing has changed. I can work with much more efficiency and for a longer time. Also, I used to become breathless after walking even less than 1 km. Now I can walk way more without getting tired.

My journey with Possible has been really great. The Possible team has been extremely cooperative the entire time. The coaches have also been quite encouraging in their approach. I am really thankful for their support. Even the other members of the Possible Club have been such a great support to me. I am really satisfied with Possible.

If you want to lose weight,

  1. Strictly follow the diet plan given by the coach.
  2. Do at least 30 mins of basic exercise every day.
  3. Don’t go to bed immediately after dinner.
  4. Drink your water slowly and not too much at once.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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