Smriti Richharia – Lost 9 Kg in 3 Months

Smriti Richharia Success Story

Initially, I thought that the program will put me on a very strict diet and it will be difficult for me to follow. But as I progressed with the program I realised that I was wrong. I lost 4 kgs in the first month only and that came as a big boost of motivation for me. I used to have knee pain which was gone after the first month. The 2nd month was the season of festivities but my coach helped me a lot in maintaining my weight. I follow her advice strictly and it has helped me a lot. Now, eating healthy has become a habit of mine. I’ve started to enjoy healthy foods. My cravings have also reduced. Now, I don’t feel like eating unhealthy food. I am also following a healthy routine. I now sometimes get up even before my alarm goes off.

All of this has brought many good changes in my body. I have lost more than 9 kgs in 3 months. Also, I can see my hair and skin have improved. I really appreciate the support of my coach. She made me understand the value of good food and also how to efficiently make my own food without disrupting my and my family’s normal schedule.

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