Sreelatha Lost 14 Kg In Just 3 Months & Changed Her Eating Habits


Great weight loss without missing any meal

Do you have a friend who seems to be trying to lose weight every time you meet them, and has no results to show for it?

Sreelatha was like that. Before coming to Possible, Sreelatha had tried all sorts of diets and weight loss techniques.

All this had given her the mindset that dieting meant starving or eating tasteless food or both.

Despite her best efforts, her weight was nowhere close to what she wanted it to be and she was ready to throw in the towel.

Possible changed all that for her.

How did Possible help Sreelatha lose weight? **

The first thing we did was to change the way Sreelatha looked at diets.

Unlike other programs, Possible never advises you to starve or skip meals and this fact was enough for Sreelatha to think Possible was bogus.

We knew that the only way to change her mind was to show her results, and the meal plan we prepared for her was customized to get her body to encourage weight loss.

We gave her a nutrient and fat burning food rich weight loss program and the tastiest, healthiest recipes that could be made. We gave her so much variety in food that she hardly felt like she was on a diet.

All along, our nutritionists explained to Sreelatha how the human body functions and what kind of activities actually result in weight loss.

Sreelatha says,

“Possible and the Super Food Kit together changed my lifestyle and eating habits. It has enlightened me and upgraded my knowledge about food and nutrition.

Now I am making all healthy food choices and I am eating at the right time without skipping any of my meals.It not only changed me but also my family members; they are following my diet and are getting all the good results and benefits.”

What she gained?

Sreelatha lost 14kg in 3 months, something she had thought impossible. Possible changed the way she looked at food.

No longer was food the enemy that would put inches around her stomach, but a way in which she could show her body she loved it. This positive change in mindset resulted in her gaining health and a lot more confidence.

Sreelatha’s top 3 tips for weight loss

  • 1. Age is just a number. You can lose weight whatever your age.
  • 2. Pick a plan which works and which you can stick to.
  • 3. Stay motivated!

**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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