Amandeep Kaur Gill – Lost 7.8 Kg in 98 Days!

Amandeep Kaur Gill Success Story

I weighed 69 kg and had a cholesterol issue prior to joining Possible. I used to be really weak, but I’ve now lost 7.8 kg and I feel really energetic.

I enjoy Possible’s diet strategy. They offer a great diet plan and make sure you stick to it.

Anshu Ahuja, my coach, was a big help. She used to respond quickly every time I asked her a question when it came to mind.

Despite having Thyroid and Diabetes, many people do not lose weight and continue to live with them.

But if they give it a shot, they can manage these diseases and lose weight; all you need to do is eat healthy foods from your kitchen.


  • Control your craving.
  • If you are dieting, keep some patience and focus on what your target is. You will definitely get the result.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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