Mamta sharma Lost 6.7kg in 68 Days!

Mamta sharma Lost 6.7kg in 68 Days

I joined Possible on 10th March and started seeing a lot of difference. I had joined Possible before and also lost weight but due to my busy schedule, I was not able to follow it.

I have to take care of my parents and my child too, because of this I was not able to follow. I’m a doctor by profession, working in an ICU .. Busy schedule.

When my weight became 90 kg, I joined Possible and I started seeing a lot of difference in starting, then I started exercising. I followed the diet and ate what the dietician told me to. My coach Nikita Moon is very supportive, she regularly checks my progress and I just lost 6.7kg in 2 months.

Whatever issues I had with migraine, cervical pain and knee pain, they have also been cured now and I feel physically fit.
I thought of losing weight because I am not that old to take medicine for everything And I used to get tired of doing any work quickly, so I lost weight to keep myself fit. I still have a long way to go and I believe my health will improve even further.


  • Follow whatever diet plan your coach gives you.
  • Discipline is also necessary in following the diet.

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