Piyush Sharma – Lost 9.1 Kgs in 4 Months!

Piyush Sharma Success Story
It has been a wonderful experience for me as there has been a tremendous change in my life. I want to tell you how worried I used to be when my weight increased. Seeing others, I started feeling that I cannot do anything. How will I move forward in my life?

Because I used to feel very bad seeing my body, my agility was gone. I tried many things to keep myself healthy, exercised, fasted, joined a gym, and did yoga, but I was not getting those excellent results. I was always looking for new ways. I had also taken many types of Ayurvedic and online medicine courses, which gave me good results for some time, but my weight again bounced. My weight was 92 kg. Earlier I used to think that it must have increased due to thyroid, but even after trying so much, the weight did not reduce.

I was getting frustrated. I felt less inclined to do my work. Then suddenly one day I came across Possible ad on Facebook in which I got to see photos and stories of some people’s fitness and health changes. I took up the 7 days challenge and simultaneously joined the 4+1 month course. I could not believe that it is so easy and without any change in your daily activities, you can lose weight.

When I started the plan, my weight was 86.6 kgs which has come down to 77 kgs now. In these 4 months, my body size has also changed, and my waist has decreased by 4 inches which was earlier 40.

My friends and family members who have met me before now say that I have become very fit, and I look good. It gives me great pleasure to hear it. I would like to thank the whole team of the program Qamar Jahan ma’am for guiding me to correct my health, Neha ma’am who takes our session every Tuesday and Megha ma’am and Vishnu sir. I have found a good platform from which I have been able to manage my health. I do not have any type of digestion problem; I used to have pain in my body, but that too has been cured. This is a very good platform, which will transform you. If you also want to reduce your weight, want to keep yourself healthy and want to learn good habits, or want to get rid of any kind of disease, then take the Possible challenge today and join their programs.

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