Ranjit Chauhan Lost 8Kgs in 3 Months!

Ranjit Chauhan Lost 8Kgs in 3 Months

I was looking for a health program where I don’t have to sacrifice food. I also don’t want a program that is focused on heavy exercise.

My younger sister was using Possible’s program. I saw some good changes in her, and she used to have some special food products that she ate. I even tried some of the foods and really liked them. That’s when I decided to join Possible.

Since the 90 days that I’ve been a member of Possible, I get regular calls from my dietician, Shaistha. She tells me what I am doing wrong, or why things are not working and she guides me on what I can do to become healthy.

This has helped me stay motivated. I’ve been following her advice for the last 3 months. Now, I’ve more or less cultivated that taste and it has almost become a habit of healthy foods. I really thank Possible for it.

With all these healthy changes, I’ve been able to lose 8kgs of weight and has stopped taking medicine for Hypertension. Everything has changed in a positive way. I feel much lighter. I can fit into my old clothes. Also, moving around and performing day-to-day activities have become easier. My program is still not over, and I plan to reduce more before it ends. That’s my goal for now.

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