Savita Nebhnani Lost 6kg in 82 Days!

Savita Nebhnani Lost 6kg in 82 Days

Before joining Possible, I had gained a lot of weight Because of the hormonal changes that happen during menopause.

Due to this I was facing a lot of trouble, Then once I saw about possible on Facebook then I took a 1-week trial.

Before Possible, I used to try to maintain myself by doing exercise and diet control. From the last 15 years I have been doing aerobics and everything and maintaining my weight but suddenly I started gaining weight.

I tried so many things but I was not able to lose weight. After joining the possible within 3 months i reduced 6kg of weight.

My coach Nikita is fabulous. Thanks to her for being fully supportive in everything. She made things clear to me. Nikita ma’am did a great job.

Especially i like all the superfoods.


  • If you want to reduce weight, then join possible , it gives very good results.
  • Know your hunger whether it is for water or food.
  • Be analytical while eating, whether healthy food is taken and be consistent.Maintain your weight as obesity gives birth to many diseases.

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