Sheetal Bhaskkar Lost 5 Kg In 1.5 Months!

Sheetal Bhaskkar Weight Loss Story

Before joining Possible, I was thinking of losing weight for many days but I was not able to do it.

When my baby was born in 2014, I was injected with anesthesia at that time. Because of this, I had back pain for a long time and I was not able to do exercise. I couldn’t focus on myself because of my job and baby, being a single parent I found it difficult to manage.

I started having hormonal imbalances and also started seeing symptoms of prediabetes. Then I felt that I should now pay attention to my health. I saw about Possible on Instagram, and I thought to take its plan but was very confused because I thought these companies give supplements. But when I talked to them, I came to know that they give food then I thought when I am getting food then I can try it.

I took a 3-month plan.

My dietician was Anshu Ahuja, and she was very supportive, I told her all my problems and she gave me a detox plan for the first 10 days. I lost 4 kg in the detox plan. I have lost 6.1 kgs in 45 days. Slowly I started seeing the difference. Earlier I had the habit of taking tea 3-4 times, I left that too. Now, I only take teatox once a day. All superfoods are also very tasty. Earlier my breakfast time was also 11 to 12 o’clock but now I am able to manage that too, now I have breakfast till 10 o’clock and my sleep problem, hair fall problem, and acne problem are also solved.

Now I am eating tasty foods and losing weight too.

The reason for reducing my weight was that my immune system has been very strong since childhood, and I have never been in favor of allopathy.

I saw when my weight can be reduced by eating I can live with this so I will never have to take medicine. I have seen that if you take medicine for one day, you have to take it again and again. That’s why I joined Possible so that I can keep myself healthy.


  • Eat right to stay healthy.
  • Always think positively that it is necessary for reducing weight.
  • Do a workout.

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