Suhani Gupta – Lost 13 Kgs in 5 Months!

Suhani Gupta Success Story

My entire family gained weight during covid which adversely affected life for all of us. My husband was super frustrated. Then, someone recommended him to join Possible. He blindly joined the program in Aug 2022 and urged me also to do the same. I had my own apprehensions whether I will be able to follow the plan or not since I was not a very disciplined person in terms of eating habits. However, I started following same diet as that of my husband thinking about ease of cooking same food and without any expectations of weight loss. Within 3 months of my husband’s journey, I could see him achieve excellent results as he lost 12 kgs and magically I also lost 8 kgs by mid Nov. But this did not educate me on dietary habits and entire nutrition concept. I gave it a thought that if without any education I can lose 8 kgs, getting all info about nutrition will do wonders for me. I started thinking positively about joining Possible. As a coincidence, my yearly lab tests also came around the same time in Nov 2022 and grabbed my attention. Many of my parameters were haywire like: cholesterol levels were super high, pre diabetic condition, abnormal RBC and WBC count, Vitamin deficiencies etc. All this made me think deeper and I also joined Possible in Dec 2022. My focus now was not just to lose weight but start living a healthy lifestyle along with educating myself around food habits.

I watched all the videos with great interest and they actually taught me basics of being healthy. I could closely relate to each and every video and took a pledge to follow everything that is being taught to me. Nutri club meetings are fantastic with so many new learnings. What I like most about the program is along with diet, they are also providing superfoods and encouraging and supporting the journey at every step keeping in mind the taste buds. During this 2 month Possible journey of mine, I have lost 5 kgs and 4 inches. I am not just fitting into my older clothes but few have become lose and I had to get them altered 😊. My wardrobe is now full of options and makes me feel happy about myself. My energy levels have increased and it is evident when people compliment me every now & then about the change that I have brought in myself. My acne problem has reduced to great extent. I can feel the difference not just outside but within too. It’s been an incredible journey so far and I am proud to have taken the right decision of joining Possible.

Thanks to everyone here – all my nutritionists (Dt.Bidisha Ray, Dt. Anshu Ahuja, Dt. Nirmal Pandey, Dt. Neha Sathe), nutriclub members & entire Possible community.

Total 13 kgs and 4 inches lost with Possible. This includes blind diet adherence (as that of my husband) which made me lose 8 kgs in 3 months and with education around nutrition and personalized diet plan I am able to lose 5 kgs in 2 months.

3 tips that I would like to share with all of you:

  1. Watch all videos carefully and imbibe them in your lifestyle.
  2. Follow the diet plan and also understand what your coach is trying to teach you through it so that you can sustain in future.
  3. Focus on the journey and not the results. The result will automatically come with perseverance and consistency.
  4. Last but not least – Enjoy the Possible journey and don’t be too harsh on yourself.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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