Nuthan Prasad Lost 6 Kg In 5 Months And Managed Cholesterol & BP!

Nuthan Prasad Success Story

Hello, everyone! My name is Nuthan Prasad, and I couldn’t be happier to share my incredible journey with you all. Before I embarked on this life-changing program, I weighed 98 kilograms and was dealing with high blood pressure and constant gastric issues. My medical parameters were all over the place, and I knew something had […]

Suhani Gupta Lost 13Kgs in 5 Months!

Suhani Gupta Lost 13Kgs in 5 Months

I am elated to share the achievement of losing 15 kgs. and 5 inches in my 7 months journey with Possible. It has been a complete turn over for me. I am so happy to have decided to join Possible last year because of which not just me but my entire family has started eating […]

Ankita Sharma Lost 5.1Kgs in 2 Months!

Ankita Sharma Lost 5.1Kgs in 2 Months

This is the 3rd time I have joined Possible. The last time I joined Possible 4 years back after my delivery. Then too i saw positive changes. I gained energy and reduced 8 kg. And after that, I regained some because of my sedentary lifestyle. This time again I reduced 5.1kg in 55 days and […]

Seema Bathulla Lost 10 Kg in 5 Months!

Seema Bathulla Lost 10 Kg in 5 Months!

Before possible my weight was high and I was facing severe pain in my legs.After joining Possible, from Day 1 only I started feeling positive. I started seeing improvement in all my health conditions. I have some medical conditions also like Thyroid and pcod but now all my medical conditions are resolved. I tried some […]

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