Nutan Mittal Lost 10 Kgs in 5 Months also managed Thyroid!

Nutan Mittal Lost 10 Kgs in 5 Months

Before joining Possible, I had a lot of medical issues, cervical issues, thyroid And I have had a spinal surgery because of which I could not bend .And my uterus has also been operated. Due to all these reasons my weight had also increased a stomach was too distended, There was a lot of pain in my stomach too.

But after joining Possible ,My stomach has reduced a lot and my medical issues have also improved a lot, my neck pain is also less.

Before Possible, I had consulted some companies for weight loss. But their diet plan remained very strict, they had to starve and even if the weight was less, it would be regained after a few days. But it is possible that you can lose weight by eating, you don’t have to starve.

My coach Anshu Ahuja has also been very supportive, she motivates me a lot.

Due to the operation, I was not able to exercise but now I am doing it slowly. My leg also hurts a lot, So Anshu Ahuja gave me tips to make oil at home, she has helped me a lot in this journey.

I thought of losing weight because ,The kind of medical issue I have, if I don’t fix all this now, then in future I will have to depend on someone and I don’t want to depend on anyone. I have to embarrass a lot because of my weight Relatives say “Your weight has increased a lot”, If you go to the market to buy clothes, they say that there are no clothes of your size. If there is excess weight, then whatever you wear, You will not look good.

I do not want to depend on medicine for the rest of my life, for all these reasons I thought of reducing my weight.


  • Eat on time, there should not be much time gap in eating.
  • Take proper portion of food, take more protein.

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