Sumit Kumar Ghosh Lost 4.5 kg in 38 Days!

Sumit Kumar Ghosh Lost 4.5 kg in 38 Days

Before joining Possible, I could not motivate myself to lose weight. I didn’t have anyone to monitor me. After joining Possible, my coach, Guneet Kaur, supported me very well.

Earlier, I had taken a 7-day challenge, and I started seeing a lot of difference from that. Hence, I took a 4-month program, and with the help of my coach and from Superfoods, I lost 4 kg of weight.

Earlier, I tried to lose weight by going to the gym, etc. But I could not go to the gym due to COVID, and being a doctor, I had to do duty as well. Because of this, I could not diet or gym, and my motivation was also very low.

The reason for reducing my weight was that, because I am a doctor, it is important for me to stay healthy, only then can I give advice to my patients on staying fit.

And my parents have many types of diseases, so I do not want to have any diseases in the future.
I am 40, and still, people tell me that I look young. This thing motivates me a lot.


  • Do proper exercise.
  • Follow the diet properly.
  • Do join the meeting of the Nutri Club of Possible; it gives a lot of motivation.

Thank you Possible !!
This is just the beginning !!! Miles to go

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