Seema Rao Lost 4.5Kgs in 76 Days!

Seema Rao Lost 4.5Kgs in 76 Days

Before joining Possible, I tried many times to lose weight and it used to happen but it used to gain back.
But with the possibility, the weight is also reduced and the maintenance is also there.

The best thing about Possible is its superfoods because it is not always possible to collect ingredients and then cook.
Videos are sent from Possible, they are also very helpful, Videos of yoga and exercises are very good.

I have very good support from my dietician Mithila Gupta too, she is very helpful, and she keeps on calling from time to time.
I had tried to lose weight earlier also, used to do exercises, etc., and used to do diet too but had to remain hungry in that. Due to being hungry, I used to eat more food, so I could not maintain my weight.

I had knee pain and back pain but after joining Possible I don’t have pain anymore. I feel very energetic too.

The only reason I lose weight and get fit is because I want to take care of my grandchildren and I don’t want to get sick until those people are settled in their life, that’s my goal.


  • follow your diet plan properly.
  • Whatever video is sent from Possible, must watch it.

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