Ankita Rane – Lost 8 Kgs in 3 Months & Managed Diabetes

Ankita Rane Success Story

Before joining Possible, I was suffering from pre-diabetes. Once I started this journey, things began to improve. I started to feel energetic and could do all my chores without any problems. I was feeling good. And when I started reducing weight, I was even more motivated to follow the Possible program properly. Now, I have […]

MD Younus Saleem – Lost 9 Kg in 3 Months!

MD Younus Saleem Success Story

Before joining Possible, my weight was 104 kg. I used to take tablets to lose weight, but I only lost 1 kg with them. But ever since I joined Possible, I have been following the diet plans very well. I had a habit of drinking tea with milk in the morning and many times (3) […]

Sangeeta Joseph – Lost 10.5 Kg in 3 Months

Sangeetha Joseph Success Story

I have a torn ligament in my leg. I couldn’t walk properly. My doctor said that I wouldn’t be able to continue dancing. I also had knee pain, lethargy and also digestion issues. My haemoglobin count was also pretty low because of this I often felt dizzy. I did not pay any heed to diet. […]

Rekha Lost 8 Kg in 3 Months & Managed Knee Pain

Success Story Rekha Murthy

I was overweight, weighed around 102kg, and suffered from severe knee pain. I couldn’t walk for long stretches of time and lacked stamina. After joining the Possible program, I have lost weight and have been relieved from my knee pain issues. Following the proper diet plan has also made me more energetic than before. I […]

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