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Grilled Chicken


Grilled Chicken

We don’t need to sell this delectable recipe to you, do we? Your high-protein, weight loss fix is guaranteed with this grilled chicken recipe. Who says healthy foods needn’t taste good! Vegetarians can substitute this with paneer. Dig in and let us know!

  • 100 gm Chicken
  • 50 gm onion paste
  • spices:turmeric , red chilli powder, ginger garlic paste,cinnamon,( corn flour or chana flour) cardamon salt to taste garam masala


  1. Wash the chicken pieces and marinate for ½ hour in turmeric and curd mixture.

  2. Add onion paste and all the spices together to form a smooth paste.

  3. Rub this paste on chicken pieces.

  4. Spray the grill pan and grill chicken on medium heat for 5 minutes each side or until it becomes tender.

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