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9 Health Benefits of Spirulina For Health And Weight Loss

With the increasing need for good foods and a healthy lifestyle, humans are foraging new highs and new depths. We mean it literally since the latest health food to hit the block is Spirulina right from the depths of the ocean. Among the various spirulina benefits, the most notable one is weight loss. Spirulina is […]

Kuttu Ka Chilla Recipe | Possible

Navratri special dish Kuttu ka chilla

  Kuttu Ka Chilla Kuttu ka chilla is a great alternative to regular dosa. Buckwheat, also known as Kuttu is a great alternative to rice. For people who have issues with grains with protein gluten, Kuttu or Buckwheat is a great option. Kuttu ka Chilla is easy to prepare and if you’re interested to learn […]

Mixed Vegetable Salad | Possible

Vegetable salad for diet

  Mixed Vegetable Salad | Possible Need a fibre fix to prevent constipation after a heavy night of partying? The mixed vegetable salad is definitely your friend then. In addition to the fibre, vegetables are good sources of water-soluble B-complex vitamins. Lemon in the salad not just adds tang but also provides vitamin C. Dig […]

3 Major Factors of Childhood Obesity & Its Consequences

Medically Reviewed by Sindhu Vas – Post Graduate in Nutrition and Food science A chubby child or even a plump teenager is no longer considered a healthy child! Changes in diet coupled with inactive lifestyles have sparked off child obesity in almost all countries and India is no exception. Child obesity is a major risk factor for adult […]

11 Tips To Stay Healthy During Diwali | Possible

11 Tips to Stay Healthy During Diwali

The festival of lights is around the corner and we certainly can’t hide our excitement. However, with an envious spread of Diwali sweets, Diwali snacks, and other indulgent Diwali recipes; it is perfectly normal for an average person to pack in an extra few in the unwanted places. But do not fret! There is relief at […]

Simple Exercises for Thyroid | Possible

Thyroid exercise for weight loss and natural cure

Did you know? That underactive thyroid affects more than 15 million men and 30 million women across the globe! This small butterfly-shaped organ located in the neck region springs to prominence when speaking of weight loss. Under normal conditions, this organ secretes hormones which regulate metabolism and hence, ultimately weight. We provide you with some […]

International Women’s Day Special: 5 Tone-up Exercises

Workout benefits for female

Although equality will be the greatest achievement for women, health is the most important asset for them. Besides maintaining a professional life, an entire family runs on a woman’s shoulders. That is why it is quintessential for them to be strong emotionally as well as physically.  Therefore, we bring to you a list of simple […]

Oats Dosa with Veggies Recipe | Possible

Tasty and crispy oats dosa

  Oats Dosa With Veggies Recipe Much has been spoken about the soluble fibre beta-glucan in oats and their hypocholesterolemic, hypoglycemic effects. But did you know oats also have an antioxidant called avenanthramide that are highly beneficial? Well, I am just piling reasons to choose this oats and veggie dosa for breakfast. Know the recipe […]

10 ways to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr While on a Weight Loss/Weight Management Regime

Healthy ramzan diet

Medically reviewed by  Ashwathy V. Pillai,  Postgraduate Degree in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition Eid or Eid-al-Fitr or Eid-ul-Fitr marks a celebratory end to the stringent fasting observed in the holy month of Ramadan. Although all the Ramadan iftar recipes were a treat, the 3-day Eid-al-Fitr celebrations reach a new high in terms of food. And if you […]

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