Nisha lost 10.2 kgs post pregnancy while achieving a fitter and confident version

Nisha Shah weight loss

Along with the blissful pleasure of attaining motherhood, usually comes surplus weight gain which, with time, becomes tough riddance.

But nothing is impossible to achieve if tried with dedication and honesty.

Same is the story of 30-year-old homemaker, who not only lost 10.2 kgs weight in 5 months that she gained during pregnancy but is the proud possessor of toned and glowing skin.

Nisha Shah Before and After Image
Nisha Shah Before and After Image

Life before Possible

She was not suffering from any health issue but weight gain since her pregnancy period was her major concern.

For two years she tried many tricks but none of it worked. With the passage of time, her energy levels were getting down, making her dull and uninterested in any work.

What makes Possible different from other weight loss companies

Post pregnancy, for 2 years, she tried every method possible. From weight loss companies to yoga, exercise and even reduced food intake till she starved.

Nothing worked. She lost all hopes that she can ever fit back in her old dresses.

But when she received a message from Possible on her phone, she decided to give it a try.

Once she joined the program, she gained the confidence of achieving healthy lifestyle ahead as she lost 1 kg during detox phase of 10 days itself.

Take on Possible

The first thing she liked about Possible is the health consultation where she got to know about her all health parameters.

The detailed explanation by the consultant gave a crystal clear picture of her health and the program.

Secondly, the service and support from dietitian’s end. The guidance and regular follow-up by her helped a ton in following the program with more focus and in the correct way.

Last but not least, the healthy diet plan customized by the expert played a major role not only in reducing weight but also, in its sustainability. Such a diet plan is easy to follow even while staying with the whole family.

Life after Possible

In her own words, life is so better now. She is happy, more confident and energetic than ever before. She has started playing games and doing exercise without feeling tired.

She can fit in to her 4 to 5 year-old favorite dresses. She is getting compliments from her friends and family. Even her siblings are inspired to follow the diet plan and eventually, have enrolled in the program.

Nisha’s 3 tips for weight loss

  • Follow the program religiously and don’t lose hope. You will see the results.
  • Time management matters to attain your healthy version.
  • Be honest and follow the guidelines given by your dietitian.

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