Rakesh’s Inspiring Journey: Discovering his Confident and Fitter Version

Rakesh chandrashekar weight loss
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We all make resolutions but then comes the real scenario; busy professional life, occupied personal life and in between, the mandatory social life! We tend to underestimate the value of health while avoiding the efforts of achieving the same.

Same is the story of a 33-year-old Sales Manager,  Rakesh Chandrashekar, who was weighing above the normal. He wanted to lose weight for a disease-free life and attained the same by losing 24 kgs in 180 days after approaching to Possible.

Rakesh Chandrashekar before and after weight loss
Rakesh Chandrashekar before and after weight loss

Health problems before joining Possible

Before joining, I used to weigh 97 kgs with low level of self-motivation for working towards my fitness. I even took a full year gym membership but was lazy enough making excuses to not to go and start with gymming.

With weight increment, my worries also doubled up as I was well-aware that excess weight is an open invitation to various health issues impacting the lifestyle.

How has Possible been different other weight loss companies you have tried before?

Though I haven’t tried any other weight loss approach but still can articulate how Possible is different as per me.

With the help of an efficient diet plan and the nutritious superfoods, Possible is a lifestyle changing program that aims for making us and our lifestyle healthier than ever.

The best thing about Possible

The best thing I liked about Possible is the coaching and guidance that you get from the dietitians. The second aspect is undoubtedly the superfoods which are an integral part of the program.

The Possible program is not about fancy food items or solely the superfoods, it is a blend of Possible along with easily available food options including fruits, veggies, cereals, and grains.

At last, Possible will be your ultimate weight loss champion.

Feeling after this amazing weight loss

I am so glad that I lost 24 kgs of weight in a time frame of 6-7 months. It will happen not only with eating healthy but also, excluding unhealthy junk foods and indulging in one or the other form of physical exercise. After losing weight, I have gained confidence with improved level of fitness.

Aiming for new me, I took it as a challenge and today, I love it whenever I see myself in the mirror.

Take on Superfoods

These are the perfect blend of taste and variety. I love their snacks which, unlike commercially-available snacks, are healthy. Even after the completion of the program, I continue taking some basic superfoods like Atta, Trufiber and even some snacks that not only ensure weight loss but also its healthy sustainability, when accompanied with regular exercise.

3 tips for weight loss

  • Be dedicated to your weight loss journey
  • Accept lifestyle change- Say no to junk foods and yes to its healthy variants
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours without stress
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