Nisha Sharma – Lost 6 Kg in 7 Months

Nisha Sharma Success Story

I was overweight and I wanted to get in shape. I did not have any other health issues. Reducing weight was my primary concern. The coaches are guiding me very well. Due to my busy schedule, I couldn’t join some of the Nutriclub sessions. So, they filled me in later on with all the important […]

Sangeeta Joseph – Lost 10.5 Kg in 3 Months

Sangeetha Joseph Success Story

I have a torn ligament in my leg. I couldn’t walk properly. My doctor said that I wouldn’t be able to continue dancing. I also had knee pain, lethargy and also digestion issues. My haemoglobin count was also pretty low because of this I often felt dizzy. I did not pay any heed to diet. […]

Madhurima Mukherjee – Lost 11 Kg in 4 Months

Madhurima Mukherjee Success Stories

I used to suffer from regular acidity and bloating and I always felt drained out of energy. I was also quite overweight. Considering all the health issues I was facing, I decided to join a professional program where I can get expert guidance. So, I joined Possible. My Possible journey is going really well. I […]

At Age 48, Ravi Gupta Lost 10 Kgs & Reversed Diabetes

Ravi Gupta Success Story

My Possible journey is going quite well. Before joining, I had a knee pain issue which is completely gone now. I’ve lost 9.7 kg of weight. My health feels better. My stamina has increased. Now I can jog without getting tired. Before, I couldn’t even jog for 2 minutes straight. Earlier, I couldn’t sleep without […]

Richa Yadav – Lost 5.1 Kg in 51 Days

Success Story Richa Yadav

When I started I was 67 kgs. I lead a very unhealthy lifestyle with bad diet & lots of junk food. After joining, I watched all the induction videos. They were also super helpful and informative. The nutriclub sessions were also very beneficial. They made me understand that I can reduce weight with all these […]

Chitra Bhatia – Lost 5Kg in 70 Days!

Chitra Bhatia Success Story

I was overweight and my whole body felt stiff. My lower back and legs used to hurt a lot. I could not walk after sitting in a place for a long stretch of time. My stomach always felt heavy. Even if I eat a little, I used to feel bloated. I wanted to change all […]

Anup Kundu – At Age 68, Lost 6 Kgs in 3 Months

Anup Kundu Success Story

My journey with Possible is going well. In fact, it was going great in the initial days. I was losing weight consistently. I lost around 6 kgs! But then I had to travel because of which I could not follow the Possible diet properly. This hampered my journey quite a bit. But hopefully, I will […]

Anju Rajan – At Age 70, Lost 7 Kgs in 3 Months

Success Story Anju Rajan

It all started in August. I started taking hour-long walks to lose weight but saw no difference. Then I tried yoga also. But even that didn’t show results. Then one fine day, I was surfing YouTube and Possible’s ad for the 7-Day program popped up. Joined it and was quite happy with it. So, I […]

Aarthy Viven – Lost 10.6 Kg with Possible!

Success Stories Aarthy Viven

Meet Shriaarthy. With Possible, she has lost weight and transformed her health in a matter of months. Let’s read what she has to say about her health journey with Possible. Shriaarthy’s Weight Loss Story I am a content manager by profession and due to my work, I have to be seated for prolonged stretches of […]

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