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Meet Shriaarthy. With Possible, she has lost weight and transformed her health in a matter of months. Let’s read what she has to say about her health journey with Possible.

Shriaarthy’s Weight Loss Story

I am a content manager by profession and due to my work, I have to be seated for prolonged stretches of time every day. And the timing of my job was UAE timing. So, I developed a lot of unhealthy habits. I used to wake up very late, did not move around much, did not get sound sleep, and ate too late at night.

Gradually, I found out that my entire family’s health was deteriorating. During the lockdown, my husband and I gained more than 15 kgs. 

I realised that due I cannot keep living like this. So, I quit that job and decided to lose weight and focus on my health first. I started looking for weight loss programs. I even tried a very well-known weight loss program but didn’t like it because it was all about calorie counting. It was difficult to manage for me. I also tried intermittent fasting, but when I stopped the weight would bounce back. Also, it was not ideal for me. I travel a lot and often have house guests, so it becomes difficult to follow intermittent fasting.

Then one day, while surfing YouTube I saw Possible’s 7 Day Challenge ad. I liked the concept so I joined. At that time I didn’t realise how this program is going to change my life. After enrolling, I received a call from them, the person I talked to was Shaqib. He was really nice and explained everything to me very clearly and patiently. I had to order a Superfoods kit and started the program. 

Within 1 week I lost 3 kgs. It was a great experience. And not just weight loss, I got to learn so many things about healthy diet and lifestyle. Slowly, I began to adopt a healthy lifestyle. After seeing the results, I joined the 6-month program. And I am really happy. My dietician is also really good. She encourages and supports me. 

I also hit a weight loss plateau at one point which lasted for 2 months. But thanks to the Nutriclub sessions & my dietician’s support I kept going and finally, I was able to lose 10 kgs.

The superfoods are also great!

I am sure I’ll lose 5 more kgs and reach my weight loss goals.

I’d like to thank Possible for:

  1. Helping us transition into a healthy lifestyle.
  2. We were emotional eaters & ate a lot of unhealthy food. This we’ve stopped.
  3. My husband has also started following a healthy diet along with me.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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