Nisha Sharma – Lost 6 Kg in 7 Months

Nisha Sharma Success Story

I was overweight and I wanted to get in shape. I did not have any other health issues. Reducing weight was my primary concern.

The coaches are guiding me very well. Due to my busy schedule, I couldn’t join some of the Nutriclub sessions. So, they filled me in later on with all the important things that were discussed in the session. They always motivate me to continue this journey. I am really happy with my coach.

With their guidance, I have been able to lose more than 6 kgs in 7 months.

I tried another program before Possible but I couldn’t lose weight at all. My schedule is always haywire. Because of this, I can’t follow these programs throughout. I could not even follow Possible’s diet to the fullest but I still managed to lose weight. It’s that effective.

Possible superfoods are also very nice. I really like their upma, idli, oats porridge etc. The best part is most of them are ready to eat or ready to cook. It makes my life easier as I don’t have time to prepare elaborate meals. That is why I like them even more.

Possible has shown me results and made my life better. I am really happy with my progress.

I am glad that I did not wait for any disease to catch me and lost weight before I became more unhealthy. More people should do it.

If you ask me for tips:

  1. Leave sugar
  2. Leave wheat
  3. Eat fruits and vegetables

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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