Sangeeta Joseph – Lost 10.5 Kg in 3 Months

Sangeetha Joseph Success Story

I have a torn ligament in my leg. I couldn’t walk properly. My doctor said that I wouldn’t be able to continue dancing. I also had knee pain, lethargy and also digestion issues. My haemoglobin count was also pretty low because of this I often felt dizzy. I did not pay any heed to diet. I mostly ate junk food like burgers, pav bhaji and all.

I tried another program before Possible but I see any significant weight loss even after following it for months. Possible is different. I joined Possible because they tell you to eat more homemade foods that you can easily make and become healthy. Their superfoods are really yummy. I like amla juice, diet khakhras, Trujuice and many more superfoods.

With Possible, I have lost 10.5 kg in 3 months. My knee pain has reduced. And surprisingly, my leg issue has also improved. My body now feels so light that I can run, dance, and do all the things that my doctor said I can’t. I feel way more energetic than before. I feel healthier from within. My apparel size has come down from XL to L. It is a great achievement for me. Possible has been really effective for me! And that’s why I recommend Possible to my friends and colleagues. Even my husband has joined Possible he is also following the program.

So, all in all, my journey with Possible is going great! This is what I’ve learned: Only gymming won’t work. Healthy eating is the main medicine.

Special Thanks to Niketa, my coach for always being so supportive through this journey of mine.

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