Rachna Goyal – Lost 6 kg in 3 Months & Managed Thyroid

Rachna Goyal Success Story

In 2019, I was gripped by a severe Neuron disorder. I was suffering a lot mentally. I stopped enjoying life. I lived in fear and was depressed. In 2020, I was diagnosed with thyroid. I gained around 5-6 kg. This lifestyle was pulling me into the darkness not just mentally but also physically. Eventually, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels also spiked. One by one all health issues were piling up on me.

That was my rock bottom. I realised that things cannot continue this way. So, I tried my best to make small changes in my life. I began self-counselling, took walks in the park, spent time in nature, read motivating books and biographies and tried to pull myself out of the darkness. All of my efforts combined made me mentally strong enough to take this next step towards my journey to good health.

I was completely dependent on medicines. But I knew this is not the ideal way to live. I must change my diet and lifestyle to make myself healthy. I wanted to become nutrient literate. And fortunately, I found Possible’s ad on YouTube. I listened to Megha ma’am every time it popped up and I was convinced that this is what I need. That’s when I decided to join Possible.

After joining Possible I’ve lost approx 6 kgs in 3 months. I really liked Possible’s program because they were not limited to diet only. They give you all-around guidance. They minutely handle all the topics, which deficiency leads to what disease, and how sleep affects you. I really like their videos, they are extremely enlightening. Possible has helped me get educated on good health and that is exactly what I needed.

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