Rimpa Mandal’s lost 11 kgs and overcame weight issues

Rimpa Mandal, a 32-year-old homemaker was facing a number of issues due to being overweight. She was lethargic and low on energy. When she came to Possible, her thyroid levels were erratic and she gained 20 kgs in 2 months.

She was in real need of a lifestyle change and Possible showed her the way. With the help of diet modifications and correct guidance, she was able to lose 11 kgs in 4 months.

Rimpa shares her experience with Possible and how she was able to overcome weight issues.

How different was her experience with Possible?

Rimpa said, “Before approaching Possible, I had visited Dr Anjali Mukherjee Health Total.

I was prescribed medicines to lowering my body weight which was a quick fix and did not help the root cause of my weight gain”.

The best thing Rimpa liked about Possible…

Rimpa Mandal, like many others out there, just needed a lifestyle modification to address her overweight issues.

She said, “Possible has successfully identified my exact need – lifestyle modification. They helped me adapt effortlessly to the much-needed changes. My nutritionist Ms. Somedutta has been very approachable and understanding. She guided me on how to eat nutritiously and suggested alternatives while travelling and during festivals. I feel blessed to have been with a wonderful team who keep me motivated at all times”.

I like the TruJuice best, as it gives a wonderful boost to my energy and spirits from the very beginning of the day I started the program”, she further added.

Rimpa post her weight loss journey with Possible…

Talking about her weight loss journey, Rimpa said, “I feel more rejuvenated after following this healthy regime for 5 months. There has been an improvement from the way I felt earlier. I am ever more confident and fitter now. I feel more energetic and positive about life. Last but not least, being fit has given me the opportunity to enjoy my 4year old princess to the fullest who is always brimming with lots of energy”.

Her take on Superfoods…

“Superfoods, as the name, are simply superb and fantastic. Many a time, the huge effort needed to maintain a diet is a deciding factor for the continuity of the same. Superfoods have come as a blessing in disguise saving a lot of time and effort”, she said.

Rimpa’s 3 tips for weight loss

1: Determination

2: Waking up early and focus

3: Faith in a nutritionist

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