61-year-old MP Kamath’s quest to conquer a fit body!

Meet Mr MP Kamath, a retired senior citizen who has conquered his weight issues after taking up Possible health program. 

Before joining Possible, he was suffering from knee pain due to an injury and at that time, his weight was at a whopping 101 kg. His wakeup call was when his doctor asked him to lose weight to get better. This is when he turned to Possible.  

He was enrolled in the 5-month program. By the end of the program, he had lost 21.4 kgs.

Kamath’s experience with Possible

“I am a delighted beneficiary of Possible’s 5-month program. Now a retired but active senior citizen, I used to be a workaholic MNC executive with a sedentary lifestyle. My weight had risen steadily over 20 years, peaking at 101 kg in mid-2018, with a BMI of 32.5.

Unfortunately, a session of improperly executed (by me) padmasana at a yoga class for imminent retirees led to knee pain followed by a visit to an orthopaedic surgeon and an MRI-diagnosed torn meniscus (knee); the doctor advised weight reduction in addition to physiotherapy and medication. I turned to Possible in late November 2018”, Kamath said. 

The best thing Kamath liked about Possible

Talking about his program, he said, “I am truly impressed by Possible’s methodology. Their focus was on healthy eating and adequate sleep, with a constant emphasis on sustainable outcomes through habit-forming change. The 10-day detox was a great start as it yielded a visible 2.5 kg loss. Each of the 5 phases thereafter was hugely educative thanks to clarity on what/why/how/when to eat, together with physical exercise. 

One characteristic of Possible is the variety in their diet plan. Also, their principles are easy to remember, e.g., small plates, 25% each of carbs/ protein/ uncooked vegetable & cooked veggies, 20 minutes for a meal without TV/ mobile, dinner 2 hours before bedtime, plenty of “free” foods, etc. Their Superfoods are very effective and the snacks are almost addictive. My coach Ms Sameena was excellent. She is a calm, committed and knowledgeable motivator. Her weekly tele-sessions, insightful feedback on progress/ improvement areas kept me going”.

Kamath’s life post Possible program

“I feel absolutely fantastic considering that my weight is at a steady 80-81 kgs even five months after completing the Possible program. A fitter I with a pain-free knee helps me to walk 8 -9 km per day at a brisk 6 kmph; 5 days per week. And lowered Hb1Ac levels are a bonus! Those who have known me earlier are impressed with my weight loss and inch loss”, he added. 

Kamath’s take on Superfoods

Talking about superfoods, Kamath added that, “Possible’s superfoods are very effective and their snacks are almost addictive”.

Kamath’s tips for weight loss

   1: Have clear goals for fitness. You will achieve what you can measure.

   2: Stay committed and patiently follow the coach’s advice/guidelines.

   3: Continue your new habits (diet & exercise) even AFTER the program.

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