A Lakshmi Lost 10 kgs and Controlled Thyroid and Diabetes

a lakhshmi

I am a housewife and have 1 daughter. I was not only overweight, but was also suffering from thyroid, high sugar levels and hypertension.

I was depressed with my weight issues and consulted many slim centers, but all in vain.

One fine day I saw an advertisement in a newspaper about Possible and immediately consulted them with the least hope. I was very sceptical but still thought of giving it a try. And I am glad that I took that decision.

How did I lose?

“Eat less and exercise more to lose weight” was my motto for weight loss before joining Possible.

But after joining I came to know, it was also the reason for gaining weight. As eating less leads to lower metabolism and that is never the solution for sustained weight loss.

Possible insisted on eating “more” by focusing on fat burning foods. Moreover, diet was planned keeping in mind my health conditions.

Lot of ready made healthy food products were given as part of the program, which helped me in weight loss.

Super Fibre took care of my fibre requirement and Super Green of my nutritional deficiency.

What did I gain?

I had to change my entire wardrobe, because I have gone from XXL to L. This is one expenditure, nobody minds! I reduced 10 kgs** in 3 months and lost 4 inches from lower abdomen.

And what was more surprising that there is an improvement in my disease profile and I have cut down my medications.

I feel a lot more active, and puffiness of my face has gone down.

I had gone to Bangalore to my sister’s place and they were surprised to see a TRANSFORMED ME 🙂

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I am so much more confident now. Earlier it was “I CAN”, now it is “I WILL”.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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