Ajay lost 10 kg in just 50 days & overcame Thyroid & Hypertension Issues

Ajay weight loss journey

When you are growing up, your image of future you is of someone who is rich, successful, happy and a powerful positive influence in others lives. Even in your wildest dreams, you don’t picture yourself being overweight.

This is what had happened to Ajay.

At 29, he was in the prime years of his life and he weighed around 100kg. To add to this, he suffered from thyroid problems, hypertension and acidity.

A market researcher,he had spent two years trying out a variety of weight loss solutions and nothing had worked. Slimming pills, oils, bel

All this changed when he discovered Possible. At that time, Possible was running a competition giving cash prizes to people who lost weight.

While the initial attraction had been the contest, by the time Ajay was done with Possible he had gained more than just a competition prize.ts and crash diets had all disappointed him.

How did Possible help Ajay?**

Ajay lost over 10 kgs in just 50 days with Possible. After years of disappointment, he couldn’t believe how easily weight loss had come to him through Possible.

He gained muscle, lost body fat and began to look younger than before.

The greatest joy was when he checked his thyroid levels. Before joining Possible, his TSH levels were 10 IU/ml and after, they came down to 0.24 IU/ml! He overcame his high blood pressure and acidity problems and was energetic all day long.

How Ajay lost weight?

In the noise of marketing done by weight loss companies, regular people began to think that successful weight loss happens only through medicines.

Ajay believed the same which is why he was openly skeptical when we told him we would help him lose weight just through food.

The secret to losing weight through food is to eat fat burning foods, something no weight loss company in India currently offers.

Through Possible’s personalized program, Ajay began to eat food that corrected his hormonal imbalance, fought his medical conditions and helped him lose weight.

Possible made significant changes in Ajay’s diet to control his thyroid problem. He used to avoid eggs and paneer thinking both would make him fat.

Under our guidance, he learned that the protein in these foods would help regulate his thyroid levels. He was put on an intensive Super Food diet which sped up his fat burning process.

Seeing all this change in his body, a determined Ajay went one step further and started exercising at home, which helped him lose weight and gain muscle.

Today, his weight and health are both at the levels they need to be and he can’t thank Possible enough.

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Ajay’s Top 3 Tips for weight loss:

  • 1. Stick to your plan.
  • 2. Cheat, but know your limits.
  • 3. Try to build healthy habits.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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