Akansha Sharma – Lost 10 Kgs in 5.5 Months!

Akansha Sharma Success Story


A Few months back when I realized that I am feeling sick every 15-20 days with a common cold, skin infections like fungal infections, low energy and always lethargic I joined possible. My blood tests showed high cholesterol level Insulin resistance and I was already taking medicine for thyroid.

Within the span of 5 Aug ’22 to Jan’23 with the help of disciplined lifestyle ,food and water intake monitoring i have been able to reduce 10kgs.

My medicine for insulin resistance was also stopped by my doctor. I am healthy now and keen to reduce further upto 10kgs. Better energy level to match the energy of my little kids, peace of mind and Improved knowledge is possible only because of the support that I received from possible dietician, doctor and possible nutriclub members.

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