Pintu Kumar – Lost 8 Kgs in 70 Days!

Pintu Kumar Success Story

Before joining Possible, I used to eat anything. I used to eat fast food without knowing the calories.

My doctor also told me not to eat so much junk food, but I couldn’t stop at all.

Due to this, I started facing many medical issues. After that, I tried to lose weight and lost 2 kg. It took 6 months to lose 2 kg. But after a few days, it bounced back. My weight was so high that it was difficult for me to even stand for 30 mins.

After joining Possible, I lost 8 kg in 70 days. My coach, Esha Chakraborty helped me a lot on this journey.

I follow my dietician’s advice blindly. Whatever she says, I follow it through the book. She recommends something new every 2 weeks and I get really excited to follow them and see the results. All these healthy changes have now become habits. It doesn’t feel like I’m exerting effort. They now come naturally to me by default.


  1. Be disciplined.
  2. Exercise every day.

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