Anubha lost 10 Kgs and got rid of her Knee pain!

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Anubha’s Weight Loss Journey

Anubha is a 28 year old girl who was facing weight issues that even led her to develop knee pain issue at this young age.

She was turning lazy because of her increasing weight and sedentary lifestyle

Why did she choose Possible?

Anubha wanted to have a sustainable weight loss. She didn’t want a program that was based on machines or pills because she knew the day she will be of those artificial methods, her weight will bounce back.

Since Possible is all about a healthy diet that will stay all her life beyond her weight loss, she chose it.

How successful was Anubha with Possible’s program?

Anubha lost 10 Kgs with Possible and found a way out of persisting knee pain as well as a backache.

How did Possible help?

Possible motivated her to lose more weight. The diet plans that Anubha was given made sure that she was never hungry to go for unhealthy snacking.

She found her Dietician constantly guiding her throughout her weight loss journey.

Take away points from Anubha on Possible

  • Superfoods don’t let you be hungry and fill you up with nutrients as well as taste.
  • With Possible, Weight loss is guaranteed because unlike other weight loss programs, it doesn’t depend on any machine or pill.
  • I found my self-confidence back after losing the weight.

“I feel younger and confident now after losing my weight. And the best part is, I can fit into my old dresses again.”,  says Anubha.

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**Disclaimer:The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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