Chandani Lost 6.3 Kg In Just 1 Month & Beated Her PCOD Issues


Why Chandini wanted to lose weight?

Chandini came to us with a host of problems. She suffered from irregular periods caused by PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease),  a nutritional and metabolic problem affecting hormones.

She had constant cravings and no control over her appetite. Her immunity and energy levels were very low and she was very injury prone. She had tried several other programs but unsurprisingly, none had worked.

She didn’t really think Possible would work either but within 30 days, we made a believer out of her with our results.

How Chandini lost 6.3kg in 1 month? **

Chandini was put under our customized PCOD diet program. We introduced her to gluten free foods, focused on good fats, included foods high in selenium, chromium and B vitamins. Meals were planned to lower insulin spikes, and to take care of her cravings.

The encouraging results of the first month helped us aim higher for the next months. She was using insulin sensitizers to control hyperinsulinemia, which is characteristic of PCOD.

With her physician’s permission, we stopped her medications, something she didn’t think was possible, and are now helpin her control her health through the food she eats.

What she gained?

Chandini lost 6.3 kgs in her first month with Possible and stopped taking PCOD medicines. To her and her doctor’s surprise, her period regularized and insulin levels also came back to normal even without the medications.

The food she eats is enough for her to control this condition as well as her weight.

When she joined Possible, all she had wanted was to lose weight but this complete turnaround in her health is something that has given her immense, unexpected joy!

She says that Possible has helped her become healthier, fitter and more confident than before.

“Possible has given me a new hope”

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Chandini’s top 3 tips for weight loss:

  • 1. Stop counting calories and start eating right.
  • 2. Don’t look at losing weight, try to build habits.
  • 3. Exercise, but know that it is food that will actually help you lose weight.

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**Disclaimer: The testimonials mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

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