Seema Bathulla Lost 10 Kg in 5 Months!

Seema Bathulla Lost 10 Kg in 5 Months!

Before possible my weight was high and I was facing severe pain in my legs.After joining Possible, from Day 1 only I started feeling positive. I started seeing improvement in all my health conditions. I have some medical conditions also like Thyroid and pcod but now all my medical conditions are resolved. I tried some […]

Sapna Guleria – Lost 6 Kg in 4.5 Months & Managed PCOD

Sapna Guleria Success Story

After the delivery of my child, I gained a lot of weight. I tried losing weight on my own but it did not last long. People kept telling me that I had become fat. It was suffocating, both mentally and physically. I was facing problems and could not carry out my day-to-day activities with ease. […]

Tilottama Patil – Lost 17 Kgs and Managed PCOS

Success Story - Tilottamma Patil

Meet Tilottama Patil. She is a homemaker from Maharashtra. Like thousands of other Indian homemakers, Tilottama also puts her family first. Her household responsibilities pushed her health to the backseat. Due to her initial negligence towards her health, she became obese and developed PCOS. But now her story has taken a healthy turn. With the […]

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