Sneha – Reversed Diabetes, Managed PCOD and Lost 10 kg in 3 Months!

Success Story Sneha

After delivery, I put on a lot of weight. And I had no time for working out or following a special diet. I had health issues like PCOD and thyroid, and I also developed diabetes during pregnancy. After delivery, it rose pretty high. My TSH level was around 18 which is pretty high. 

Apart from these I also had vitamin and iron deficiency. My energy level was so low that I couldn’t even take care of or play with my baby. 

I wanted to change all this. That’s why I started looking for diet or health programs. And then I came across Possible. What I liked the most about the program is along with the diet, they are also proving superfoods and also encouraging and supporting our journey at every step. 

In other programs, they only provide a diet chart with food items that are hard to find. it becomes really difficult to look for those items and maintain that diet. It’s very easy to say have amla juice in the morning. But in reality, making amla juice for yourself in the morning rush hours with a baby is not practical. But with Possible, it has become easier. They recommend common foods products and the superfoods are really convenient for busy days. It’s very easy to follow, I was only making tweaks to my normal diet. Along with diet, I am only walking every day as a workout. 

All of this helped me lose 10kgs in 3 months. My diabetes has come down from 8 to 5.8 which is a very big change. My period cycle has also regularized. I am very happy. I am able to fit into older clothes. In fact, even old clothes run loose on me now. I feel great. My energy level has increased. I can feel the difference. I am able to play with my kid til 12 am at night. I do not lose patience, I do not get angry. My mood swings are gone. I have developed positive energy and I am liking it very much. It’s been a very good journey so far. 

Even before Possible, I took another program for 3 months. It involved a vegan diet which was difficult to follow and hard workouts. I completed the whole regime but my weight loss was minimal. It was not sustainable at all.

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